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Upcoming Workshops

The Coding Hive offers a series of workshops that are designed to provide high school students and beginners with data mining skills by developing programs that read, visualize, and analyze datasets. The workshops utilize a variety of datasets including the City of Toronto's Open Data initiative.

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Data mining (analyzing data in order to extract patterns) is now an essential skill in the fields of technology, health, finance and research. In fact, IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will increase by 28% in 2020. Yet, training programs in data mining are still limited. 



Our workshops are designed to walk the students through basic statistical concepts, breaking down complex theories into simple terms. Using Toronto Open Data, the students will gain insights into the city's health system, transportation, economy, real estate, and technology.




The workshops also offer career advice and networking sessions that guide the students to online resources, academic programs, and career options that can further develop their data analysis and programming skills.


The Coding Hive envisions a more diverse tech community within the next decade. Our goal is to inspire more youth to embrace careers in the programming and data analysis fields by providing them with the necessary training and tools. 


Our Workshops

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